Daemonorops serpentina J.Dransf., Kew Bull. 36: 810 (1982)

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Map uses TDWG level 3 distributions (http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted_sites/tdwg/geogrphy.html)
Borneopresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Widespread on ultrabasic rock in Sabah. Endemic to the State. (J. Dransfield, The Rattans of Sabah. Sabah Forest Records 13.. 1984)A


  • D. serpentina is confined to rather exposed areas of forest on ultrabasic rock in the lowlands - areas such as ridgetops and steep slopes where the light intensity reaching the forest floor is high. In the field the shuttlecock appearance of the whole plant is very distinctive. (J. Dransfield, The Rattans of Sabah. Sabah Forest Records 13.. 1984)A


  • Clustering "stemless" rattan, with very short erect subterranean stem to 4 cm diam. Leaves ecirrate held very neatly and stiffly giving the whole plant a shuttle-cock like appearance, the whole leaf to 2.2 m including the sheath to 25 cm and petiole to 50 cm; leaf sheath pale buff tinged greenish, densely covered in reddish brown indumentum and armed with oblique ± reflexed partial whorls of narrow triangular laminar dark spines to 20 x 4 mm, and few partial whorls of spicules. Knee absent. Ocrea to 3 cm, ciliate hairy, disintegrating. Petiole armed with spine whorls as the sheath. Leaflets c 40 on each side of the rachis, very regular, neat, and stiffly held, coriaceous. The longest to 50 x 3 cm, acuminate in drip tips, the leaflet surfaces armed with black bristles along the main vein; transverse veiniets inconspicuous. Male and female inflorescences superficially similar, erect to 100 cm, with peduncle to 80 cm unarmed or very sparsely armed along the two lateral edges, densely reddish-brown indumentose; primary bracts papery, soon falling at anthesis; partial inflorescences 2 - 3 only; male rachillae crowded to c 25 mm only, ± zigzag; female rachillae to 60 mm with collar-like bracts. Fruit ovoid to 25 x 20 mm, beaked covered in pale brown scales; no seed details available. Seedling leaf unknown. (J. Dransfield, The Rattans of Sabah. Sabah Forest Records 13.. 1984)A