Plectocomia assamica Griff., Calcutta J. Nat. Hist. 5: 97 (1845)

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Map uses TDWG level 3 distributions (
Assampresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
China South-Centralpresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
East Himalayapresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
INDIA (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh). Endemic. (S.K. Basu, Rattans (canes) in India. A Monographic Revision. 1992)A


Biology And Ecology



  • A high climbing rattan; stem clustering, with leafsheath about 3 cm in diameter. Leaves cirrate; leaflets up to 60 cm long, 6 - 6.5 cm broad at middle, whitish and scurfy below, non-filamentous at apices; petiole with stout marginal spines and smaller seriate spines on the dorsal side. Male inflorescence not seen. Flower branches in female inflorescence about 1 m long, thickly covered with rust-coloured tomentum; bracts on the flower branches distichous, cuneatc, oblong with triangular tips, 6 - 7 x 2.5 - 3 cm. Female flowers 3 - 7 in number in each bract, shortly pedicellate, bractcolatc; bractcoles 4-5 mm long. Fruits globose, slightly conically beaked, densely villous outside, about 2.5 cm in diameter; seed globose, 1.8 cm in diameter; fruiting perianth flat, not channelled at middle. (S.K. Basu, Rattans (canes) in India. A Monographic Revision. 1992)A

Materials Examined