Ammandra decasperma O.F.Cook, J. Wash. Acad. Sci. 17: 220 (1927)

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Map uses TDWG level 3 distributions (
Colombiapresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)A
Ecuadorpresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)A


  • Solitary or clustered dioecious palm, with stems short and subterranean,o r prostratea nd up to 1.5 m long and 25-35 cm in diameter, usually decaying at the older portions. Leaves 8-20 erect or arching; sheath l-1.7 m long, strongly fibrous, most of it appearing like the petiole; petiole cylindrical, l-2.4 m long, 2-2.5 cm in diameter, green; rachis 3.3-4 m long, with 40-62 pinnae; middle pinnae opposite, to 85 cm long and 5 cm wide, glabrous, with a prominent submarginal vein on either side of the midvein. Inflorescences interfoliar, the staminate up to 1.4 m long; peduncle 30-75 cm; peduncular bract 35-50 cm long; rachis 3O-92 cm long; rachillae 45-90, each with 6-9 flowers 0.5-3 cm long, the proximal ones larger and with more stamens; perianth obscure, hidden by the enlarged receptacle, the latter making the most conspicuous part of the flower; receptacle prismatic, to 1.5 cm long, with a small, central pistillode; stamens 300-1321; filaments 0.1-0.9 mm long; anthers 0.5-1.7 mm long. Pistillate inflorescence with peduncle to 30 cm long; peduncular bt'act 15*30 cm long; pistillate flowers 6-10 densely arranged in a head on a short rachis 1-2.5 cm long, each flower up to 25 cm long, with 7-10 narrow tepals to 10 cm long; ovary with 6-10 locules; style to 7 cm long; stigmas to 5 cm long. Infructescence2O-25 cm diameter, with 3-10 fruits. Fruit depressed-globose1,0 -12 cm diameter, with woody spiny projections to L cm long; seeds 6-10, wedge-shaped, with two flat sides, the distal surface convex, 4.5-5 cm long, 3-4 cm wide,2.2-3 cm along the tangential face. (R. Bernal, Notes on the Genus Ammandra (Palmae). 2001)B

Materials Examined

  • COLOMBIA. Boyacá: Municipio de Puerto Boyacá, Puerto Pinzón, on rio Ermitaño, 6˚ 03' N, 74˚ 14' W, 450 m, Jan 2OOO, Ramírez & Morales s.n. (COL); 2 Nov 2000, Bernal et al. 2506 (COL, HUA, NY), 2507 (COL, HUA). (R. Bernal, Notes on the Genus Ammandra (Palmae). 2001)B

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