Prestoea schultzeana (Burret) H.E.Moore, Gentes Herb. 12: 34 (1980)

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Map uses TDWG level 3 distributions (
Colombiapresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)C
Costa Ricapresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)C
Ecuadorpresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)C
Nicaraguapresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)C
Panamápresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)C
Eastern Andean foothills and western Amazon region of Colombia (Amazonas, Putumayo), Ecuador (Morona-Santiago, Napo, Pastaza), and Peru (Amazonas, Loreto, Pasco); low-lying, flat areas subject to flooding, rarely on terra firme, usually near streams or rivers, usually below 400 m but occasionally to 900 m. (Gloria Galeano & A. Henderson, Flora Neotropica Monograph 72)B


  • This species is rather homogeneous, but some specimens from the periphery of the range are somewhat different. Gentry et al. 29157 has scarcely pilose staminate and pistillate flowers; D. Smith 2016 and D. Smith 3985 are reported to come from non-inundated, limestone soils at higher elevations; and Vásquez et al. 12693 has crustose hairs on the rachillae and is also reported from non-inundated soils. (Gloria Galeano & A. Henderson, Flora Neotropica Monograph 72)B

Common Name



  • Understorey palm. Stems clustered, usually only one stem well-developed, but a number of stem-less juvenile shoots present at base. Leaf sheath open; petiole 80-160 cm long; blade 120-220 cm long; pinnae 30-40 on each side, the central ones 40-60 cm long and 2-5 cm wide, abrubtly narrowed into a filamentous, ca. 6 cm long point. Inflorescence with peduncle 40-80 cm long; rachis 5-30 cm long; branches 5-15, 30-70 cm long. Fruits black, globose 7-10 mm in diameter. Seedling leaves pinnately divided. (Borchsenius F., Borgtoft-Pedersen H. and Baslev H. 1998. Manual to the Palms of Ecuador. AAU Reports 37. Department of Systematic Botany, University of Aarhus, Denmark in collaboration with Pontificia Universidad Catalica del Ecuador)A
  • Stems cespitose, rarely solitary, generally with 1 stem developed and basal shoots, but sometimes with to 10 stems, erect or leaning, 0.2-5 m tall, 3-5.5 cm diam., brown, often covered with persistent leaf bases, with a 30-70 cm high cone of roots visible at base.
    Leaves 4-10, spreading; sheath closed for ca. ½ its length and not forming a crownshaft, persistent on the stem, 37-50 cm long including a short ligule, with scattered, brown, flat scales; petiole 0.8-1.6 m long, densely whitish brown tomentose, glabrescent; rachis 1.2-2.2 m long, ridged adaxially, rounded abaxially, tomentose like petiole abaxially, glabrescent; pinnae (21-)33-38 per side, regularly spaced and horizontally spreading in the same plane, subopposite, linearlanceolate with an abruptly narrowed, ca. 6 cm long filiform apex, with midvein prominent adaxially and abaxially, several lateral veins present, lacking ramenta abaxially; basal pinna (23- )32-47 x 0.3-1.5 cm; middle pinnae (30-)46-58(-81) x 2-4.4(-6) cm; apical pinna 10-2 1(-40) x 0.5-2 cm.
    Inflorescences corymbose, interfoliar, arching; peduncle 45-80 cm long, 0.8-2 cm diam., almost terete, with flattened , branched, whitish or brownish hairs; prophyll 18- 37 cm long, 2 cm diam., flattened; peduncular bract 0.6-1.2 m long including a 12-14 cm long umbo, tubular, persistent, inserted 6-12 cm above insertion of prophyll; rachis 4-30 cm long, with hairs like those of peduncle; rachillae 5-13, spirally arranged, slightly swollen at base, proximal ones 20-75 cm long, distal ones 16-60 cm long, 1.5-3.5 mm diam. in flower, thickening to 2-3.5 mm in fruit, white at anthesis, becoming red in fruit, densely covered with whitish, branched, erect or flexuous hairs; flowers in triads proximally, paired or solitary staminate distally, white at anthesis; triad bracteole apiculate; first flower bracteole apiculate, second and third flower bracteoles prominent, ± equal, strongly apiculale 10 almost deltate, 0.5 mm high; staminate flowers 3-5 mm long; sepals deltate, acute at the apex, 1.5-1.7 mm long, keeled, minutely ciliate; petals lanceolate-ovate, 3-5 mm long, with white hairs abaxially; filaments 2-3 cm long, lanceolate, flattened, adnate proximally to petals; anthers 2-2.5 mm long; pistillode 3-3.5 mm long, deeply trifid at apex ; pistillate flowers 2-4 mm long; sepals very widely ovate, 2-3 mm long, ciliate, with whitish hairs abaxially; petals widely ovate, 3.5 mm long, glabrous, minutely ciliate; staminodes digitate or sometimes absent; fruits globose, 0.7- 1 cm diam., the stigmatic remains subapical to lateral; epicarp black at maturity, minutely tuberculate; seeds globose, 5-7 mm diam.; endosperm slightly ruminate; eophyll pinnate with elongate rachis. (Gloria Galeano & A. Henderson, Flora Neotropica Monograph 72)B

Materials Examined

  • COLOMBIA. AMAZONAS: Parque Nacional Amacayacu, 03°45'S, 70°15'W, 100m, 9 Aug 1989, Vásquez et al. 12693 (MO).
    PUTUMAYO: Río San Miguel between Quebrada del Oeano and Río Teteyé, 250 m, 4-7 Dec 1940, Cuatrecasas 10883 (COL); Rio Conejo, 300 m, Dec 1940, Cuatrecasas 10895 (COL); 40 km NW of Puerto Asís, 28-29 Jul 1965, R. King & Gaevara 6053 (US); Orito, Río Calderas, 350 m. 11 Dec 1968, Plowman 2121 (COL); Río San Miguel, Santa Rosa, 380 m, 7-8 Apr 1942, Schultes 3612 (ECON).
    ECUADOR. MORONA-SANTIAGO: E of Taisha on trail to Pangi, 02°25'S, 77°30'W, 400 m. 14 May 1986, Balslev et al. 62213 (AAU); 10-20 km W of Cangaime, 02°17'S, 77°45'W, 600 m. 30 May 1986, Balslev et al. 62413 (AAU).
    NAPO: 5 km SE of Las Sachas, 300 m, 13 Apr 1985, Baker et al. 5990 (NY); Río Eno, NE of Shushufindi, ca. 00°10'S, 76°40'W. 300 m, 11 Apr 1982, Balslev 2330 (NY, QCA); Río Eno, 1 hr. downstream from bridge N of Shushufindi, ca. 00°12'S, 76°35'W, ca. 300 m, 27 Aug 1983, Balslev & Boom 4387 (AAU, NY, QCA); Río Eno S side limit of Secoya Reserve, ½ hr. from confluence of Río Cuyabeno, 00°18'S, 76°20'W, 300 m, 20 Feb 1984. Balslev 4860 (AAU, NY, QCA); Añangu on the Río Napo, 2 hours below Coca, ca. 00°30'S, 76°25'W, 9 Apr 1982, Balslev 2385 (NY, QCA); 19 Jun - 4 Jul 1985, Balslev et al. 60518, 60603 (AAU, NY, QCA); 1-30 Apr 1985, Korning & Thomsen 58733 (AAU); 11 - 15 Mar 1983, Lawesson et al. 39407 (AAU); 28 Apr-6 May 1983, Lawesson et al. 39522 (AAU); 17 Jun 1982, Lateyn et al. 8569 (AAU, NY, QCA); 13 Jul 1982, Lateyn et al. 8672 (NY, QCA); 30 May-21 Jun 1982, Øllgaard et al. 38944, 38990, 39076, 39213 (AAU); Río Cuyabeno below inlet of Río Tarapuy, 00°05'S, 76°10'W, 230 m, 25 Jul 1983, Balslev 4337 (NY, QCA); along Río Aguarico just below inlet of Rio Shushufindi, 00°18'S, 76°20'W, 300 m, Feb 1984, Balslev 4873 (K, NY); Lagunas Cuyabeno, N of Laguna Grande, 00°02'N, 76°12'W, 300 m, 25 Apr 1986, Balslev et al. 62058 (AAU, NY, QCA); 3 Apr 1989, Valencia et al. 84784 (AAU); Misahualli, 2-3 km NE of the village, 01°30'S, 77°34'W, 450 m, 3 Apr 1987, Balslev et al. 62474 (AAU, COL, QCA); ca. 15 km downstream from Coca, 00°27'S, 76°46'W, 1 Mar 1980, Brandbyge & Asanza 30125 (AAU, K); Río Way si ayá, 5 km upstream from Río Aguarico, 00° 15'S, 76°21'W, 300 m, 10 Aug 1981, Brandbyge et al. 33388 (AAU); San Pablo de los Secoyas, Río Wai si ayá, 00°15'S, 76°21'W, 300 m, 7 Aug 1980, Brandbyge et al. 32603 (AAU, K); Cantón Lago Agrio, Dureno, 00°02'S, 76°42'W, 350 m, 15 Sep 1986, Ceron 387 (AAU, NY); 8 km below Misahualli, 01°04'S, 77°36'W. 17 Jan - 6 Feb 1987, Ceron 588 (AAU, NY); Payamino, Reserva El Chuncho, 00°30'S, 77°01'W, 1 Oct 1987, Cerón et al. 2272 (AAU); Parque Nacional Yasuni, 00°52'S, 76°05'W, 230 m, 9-13 Jan 1988, Ceran & Coello 3292 (AAU); confluence of Río Quiwado and Río Tiwaeno, 13 Apr 1981, Davis & Yost 949 (NY); 1.1 km E of Río Conejo on rd. to Lago Agrio, ca. 340 m, 31 Mar 1972, Dwyer & MacBryde 9778 (MO, QCA); Coca, nr. Texaco landing strip, 300 m, 9 Sep 1977, R. Foster 3581 (AAU, QCA); Jatun Sacha Sta., 8 km E of Misahualli, 01°04'S, 77°36'W, 450 m, 28 Dec 1987, Gentry et al. 60024 (AAU); 23 Jun 1986, Miller 2180 (AAU); Misahualli, on Río Negro ca. 6 km from lown, 00°03'S, 77°35'W, 500 m, 18 Dec 1986, Hammel 15989 (MO); San Pablo de los Secoyas, Río Aguarico, 4 Jul 1980, J. Jaramillo & Coello 2794 (AAU); Canelos, 300 m, 7 Feb 1935, Mexia 6877 (AAU); San Carlos, 6 km SE of Las Sachas, 250 m, 4-25 Apr 1985, Palacios et al. 341 (AAU, MO, NY); Reserva Florística El Chuncho, 00°27'S, 77°01'W, 13 Dec 1987, Palacios 2299 (NY); Via de los Zorros, ca. 20 km W of Coca on S side of Río Napo, ca. 00°35'S, 77°03'W, 300 m. 23 Apr 1985, Slein et al. 2592 (AAU, NY). PASTAZA: Curaray, NE of Destacamento. 01°21'S, 76°56'W, 250 m, 19 Mar 1980, Holm-Nielsen et al. 22002 (AAU); Río Villano, 01°25'S, 77°02'W, 260 m, 24 Mar 1980, Holm-Nielsen et al. 22704 (AAU); Lorocachi, right bank of Río Curaray, 01°38'S, 75°58'W, 200 m, 30 May 1980, J. Jaramillo et al. 31526 (AAU, K).
    PERU, AMAZONAS: Quebrada Cikan Inci, 20 km N of Huampami, 350 m, 23 Dec 1972, Berlin 688 (MO); Río Cenepa between mouth of Quebrada Huampami and Tuhusik, 250 m, 4 Jan 1973, Berlin 832 (SH, MO).
    LORETO: Maynas, Yanamono, between Indiana and mouth of Río Napo, 03°28'S, 72°48'W, 120 m, 27 Jul 1980, Gentry et al. 29157 (SH).
    PASCO: Iseozacin, 29 May 1984, Salick 7085 (NY); Prov. Oxapampa, W side of Cordillera de San Matias between Iscosacin and summit, 10°11'S, 75°12'W. 680-850 m, 21 Jun 1982, D. Smith 2016 (NY); Prov. Oxapampa, Palcazu valley, Río San Jose, 10°09'S, 75°20'W, 600 m, 12 May 1983, D. Smith 3985 (MO). (Gloria Galeano & A. Henderson, Flora Neotropica Monograph 72)B

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