Linospadix minor (W.Hill) Burret, Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin-Dahlem 12: 330 (1935)

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Map uses TDWG level 3 distributions (
Queenslandpresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Recorded from the southern McIlwraith Range where it has limited distribution, and abundantly from just south of Cooktown (Mt. Amos area) to Mission Beach (Licuala State Forest) and as far inland as Windsor Tableland. Reported in New Guinea, but identification is not certain. (J.L. Dowe, A Revision of Linospadix in Australia, with the Description of a New Species. 1997)A


Biology And Ecology



  • Clustering small palm. Stems l-5 m tall, 7-20 mm diam.; internodes elongate, green; crown with 7-12 leaves. Leaves to 110 cm long; irregularly segmented with united pinnae; segments with broad bases, or regularly pinnate with narrow pinnae; petiole 3.6-51 cm long, 1-4 mm wide; pinnae 3-24 per leaf, semiglossy dark green above, lighter green below, midrib prominent on both surfaces, veins not prominent on lower surface; lamina chartaceous, irregularly corrugated, when backlit under 10X magnification, with scattered, circular clear "cells" to 0.1 mm wide linearly parallel to midrib and veins. Inflorescence to 80 cm long. Staminate flowers squatly bullet-shaped in bud, to 3 X 2 mm wide; petals apically rounded, with conspicuous longitudinal striations, green at anthesis, not widely opening; stamens 7-20, attached at different levels in the staminal cluster; connective not extending beyond the anther; anther lobes irregular or uneven. Fruit elongate/cylindrical, 8-18 X 3-8 mm, yellow or red at maturity, epicarp irregularly rugose when fruit is fully mature. Seed elongate/ellipsoid. (J.L. Dowe, A Revision of Linospadix in Australia, with the Description of a New Species. 1997)A

Materials Examined

  • Representative Specimens. QUEENSLAND: Cook District. Leo Ck., upper Nesbit R., 420 m alt., 16 Aug 1948, Brass 19868 (BRI); Upper Nesbit R., 13˚26'S, 143˚10'E, 400 m, Sep 1974, Webb & Tracey 13472 (BRI, QRS); TR 14, 13˚40'S, 143˚20'E, 450 m, 2l Sep 1972, Irvine 364 (QRS); Leo Ck., TRl4, 13˚44'S, 143˚23'E, 360 m alt., 19 Jun 1995, Forster 16845 (BRI); McIlwraith Range, head of Lankelly Ck., 13˚52'S, 143˚20'E, 600 m alt., Oct 1969, Webb & Tracey 9527A (BRI); Annan R., upper Parrot Ck., 400 m alt., 17 Sep 1948, Brass 20271 (BRI); TR 146, Tableland LA., 15˚45'S, 145˚15'E, 700 m, 8 Jul 1975, Irvine l488 (QRS); Daintree NP, Olivers Ck., 50 m alt., 13 Feb L996, Dowe 0256 (FTG); TR 55, Whyanbeel, 16˚20'S, 145˚20'E, 220 m, 25 Jul l975, Irvine 1458 (QRS); Mt. Lewis, 15 km from Rex Hwy., 16˚35'S, l45˚l5'E, 900 m alt., 13 Feb 1996, Dowe 0263 (FTC): SFR 143, Little Mossman LA., 16˚35'S, 145˚2O'E, 350m, 15 Apr 1975, Irvine 1324 (QRS); SFR 1137, Jurs Ck., 17˚55'S, 146˚05'E, 15 m, 3l Oct 1974, Irvine 1045 (QRS); Licuala SF, Licuala Forest Drive, 1 km from Tully/Mission Beach Rd., 17˚56'S, 146˚03'E, 40 m alt., 16 Feb 1996, Dowe 0283 (BRI, FTC). (J.L. Dowe, A Revision of Linospadix in Australia, with the Description of a New Species. 1997)A