Wallichia marianneae Hodel, Palm J. 137: 8 (1997)

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Map uses TDWG level 3 distributions (http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted_sites/tdwg/geogrphy.html)
Thailandpresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Thailand (Peninsula) and probably adjacent Myanmar. (Henderson, A.J., A Revision of Wallichia (Palmae) in Taiwania 52(1). 2007)A


  • Distinguished from other species by its lanceolate pinnae (Fig. 2E) and purple staminate flowers with 16-19 stamens. One specimen from Thailand (Kanchanaburi: ca. 30 km NW of Thong Pha Phum on highway 323 to Myanmar border, ca. 20 km E of Koeng Ka Vin and Pawanaputso Temple, 500 m, 1 Nov 1997, Hodel & Vatcharakorn 1765 (BH, MO)) has lanceolate pinnae as in W. marianneae and 12 stamens as in W. caryotoides. It is illustrated in Hodel (1998), plate 83c. It may be a hybrid between W. marianneae and W. caryotoides. (Henderson, A.J., A Revision of Wallichia (Palmae) in Taiwania 52(1). 2007)A

Biology And Ecology


  • Stems clustered, to 1.6 m tall, 4-10 cm diameter, stems bearing staminate and pistillate inflorescences about equal in length. Leaves spirally arranged; sheaths 30-75 cm long, disintegrating into black fibers, with a prominent, fibrous ligule at the apex; petioles 1-1.5 m long; rachis 0.8-1.3 m long; pinnae 5-10 per side of rachis, regularly and alternately arranged, spreading in the same plane, proximal 2-3 pinnae in a cluster, pinnae from middle of leaf 57-77 cm long, 6-8 cm wide at widest point, lanceolate, scarcely lobed. Inflorescences unixexual, subtended by smaller leaves, staminate and pistillate borne on the same stems, the pistillate terminal, the staminate lateral; staminate inflorescences not seen in their entirety; rachillae to 10, to 20 cm long, 2-2.5 mm diameter; staminate flowers to 6 mm long; sepals 1.5 mm long, connate into a cupular calyx, very briefly lobed; petals 6 mm long, purple; stamens 16-19; pistillate inflorescences not seen; rachillae to 11 cm long, 3.5 mm diameter; pistillate flowers to 3 mm long; sepals to 0.5 mm long; petals 3 mm long; gynoecium 1.5 mm long; fruits ovoid to ellipsoid, to 1.1 cm long, to 0.8 cm diameter, red or purple. (Henderson, A.J., A Revision of Wallichia (Palmae) in Taiwania 52(1). 2007)A

Materials Examined

  • THAILAND. Trang: Khao Chong, forest adjacent to Peninsular Botanic Garden, 7°37’N, 99°37’E, 150-200 m, 24 Oct 1992, Barfod et al. 43985 (AAU); Khao Chang, Botanical Gardens, Tub Kian, 2 km from headquarters, 3 Dec 1986, Smith 94 (K). Phangnga: Sri Phangnga National Park, 9°00’N, 98°28’E, 100-200 m, Barfod et al. 45264 (AAU). Phuket Khao: Khao Phra Kaeo non-hunting area, 8°02’N, 98°21’E, 50-100 m, 27 Feb 1994, Barfod et al. 45273 (AAU). Ranong: La-un, 1100 m, 3 Jan 1929, Kerr 16522 (AAU, BH, BK, K, NY); Kapur District, Klong Na Kha Wildlife Sanctuary, Bang Mon, 25 Nov 1986, Smith & Sumawong 47 (K). (Henderson, A.J., A Revision of Wallichia (Palmae) in Taiwania 52(1). 2007)A