Eremospatha haullevilleana De Wild., Ann. Mus. Congo Belge, Bot. , V, 1: 96 (1903)

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Map uses TDWG level 3 distributions (
Angola present (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Burundi present (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Cameroon present (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Central African Republic present (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Congo present (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Gabon present (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Tanzania present (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Uganda present (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Zaire present (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Eremospatha haullevilleana is restricted to the lowland forests of the Congo Basin. Unlike the majority of the African rattan species, it is curiously absent from the coastal forest regions. (T.C.H Sunderland, A taxonomic revision of the rattans of Africa (Arecaceae: Calamoideae) in Phytotaxa 51. 2012)A

Biology And Ecology

  • Eremospatha haullevilleana is found both in closed-canopy forest and in open areas. (T.C.H Sunderland, A taxonomic revision of the rattans of Africa (Arecaceae: Calamoideae) in Phytotaxa 51. 2012)A


  • Least concern (LC). (T.C.H Sunderland, A taxonomic revision of the rattans of Africa (Arecaceae: Calamoideae) in Phytotaxa 51. 2012)A


  • Clustered slender to moderate palm climbing to 25 m. Stems circular in cross-section, without leaf-sheaths 6-15 mm in diameter, with 10-25 mm; internodes ±15 cm long. Leaf-sheath longitudinally striate, bearing sparse black caducous indumentum; ocrea entire, obliquely truncate, extending to 3-4 cm; knee absent. Juvenile stems up to 15 m long, stem with sheath <1 cm in diameter; petiole up to 15 cm long; leaves bifid, up to 40 cm × 25 cm, deeply notched with rather rounded lobes; cirrus emerging from the centre, up to 60 cm long, armed with inequidistant, reflexed, bulbous-based black-tipped thorns. Leaves on mature stems sessile, or with very short petiole up to 1.2 cm long; rachis 60-80 cm long, abaxially rounded, adaxially concave, becoming trapezoid, then triangular in cross section distally, armed along the margins with inequidistant reflexed, bulbous-based, black-tipped spines, indumentum absent; cirrus up to 80 cm, armed as the rachis, although spines becoming increasingly inequidistant and sparse distally; leaflets 8-14 on each side of the rachis, sub-opposite to alternate, cuneate, spathulate or ovate with an uneven, moderately to strongly praemorse apex, broadly contracted at the base, 9-24 cm long × 2-6 cm broad at the widest point, concolorous, with ciliate-spiny margins, up to 10 sub-equal main veins, transverse veinlets 1-2 mm distant, moderately prominent; lowermost leaflets smaller than the rest, sometimes reflexed and laxly clasping the stem, or absent entirely; acanthophylls up to 2 cm long, very fine. Inflorescence glabrous, up to 35 cm long; peduncle to 10 cm long; rachis up to 20 cm long, sometimes arching, more commonly straight, erect; rachis bracts up to 2 mm long, broadly acuminate; rachillae distichous, opposite, becoming sub-opposite distally, 7-12 on each side, the lowermost ca..7 cm long, decreasing distally, adnate to the inflorescence for 8 mm, less so distally, arching vertically or straight. Flowers borne in close sub-distichous pairs with <1 mm long triangular bracts subtending each dyad; calyx 5 mm × 3 mm wide at the mouth, with 3 rounded to triangular striate lobes; corolla 8 mm × 2 mm, divided to ¼ of its length; stamens borne on 3 mm-long epipetalous ring, anthers minute, ca.0.6 mm long; ovary ca.5 mm long, with stigma to ca.2 mm long at anthesis. Fruit at maturity, ovoid to almost cylindrical, 2.5-3 cm × 1.5-2 cm wide with 17-21 vertical rows of dull brown reflexed scales. Seed 2-2.5 cm long × 1.5 cm wide × 0.8-1 cm thick, flattened on one side, with slightly undulate margins; embryo lateral opposite the flattened side. (T.C.H Sunderland, A taxonomic revision of the rattans of Africa (Arecaceae: Calamoideae) in Phytotaxa 51. 2012)A

Materials Examined

  • CAMEROON: Letouzey 11798, Mintom I (02º03N:13º30E) sterile, January 5, 1973 (YA!); CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Carroll 115, 35km NE of Bayanga (03º07N:16º27E) sterile, March 13, 1985 (MO!); Harris 3508, 20km SE of Bayanga (02º50N:16º22E) sterile, October 10. 1993 (K!); Harris 2652, Lidjombo, E of Sangha River (02º39N:16º11E) Fr., November 2, 1990 (K!); GABON: Wieringa 1550, 120km on road from Okunju to Makokou (00º08N:13º41E) Fr., September 1, 1992 (WAG!); CONGO: Harris et al. 3172, 55km SW of Souanké (02º02N:13º49E) sterile, November 11, 1991 (K!, MO!); Lejoly 96/750, Parc National d'Odzala (00º36N:14º54E) Fl., November 21, 1996 (BR!); Lerot s.n., Ogoué, sterile, 1894 (K!); DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Allard 213, sterile, 1909 (BR!); Apema 217, Masako, sterile, February 1, 1987 (BR!); Bavicchi 277, Lukabo, seedling, 1913 (BR!); Bequaert 1277, Yambuya (01º15N:24º33E) seedling, November 24, 1913 (BR!); Bequaert 1411, Bamalia, Fr., December 9, 1913 (BR!); Billiet & Jadin 4054, Bangu Massif (06º41S:19º22E) Fr., February 4, 1987 (BR!); Callens s.n., Kisantu (04º25S:14º42E) sterile, March 1947 (BR!); Claessens 381, Kalako Kombe (00º45S:21º33E) Fr., January 1910 (BR!); Compère 2181, Mputu (04º46S:15º31E) seedling, July 9, 1960 (BR!); Couteaux 471, Eala (00º03N:18º18E) Fr., October 20. 1908 (BR!); Couteaux 1051, Leopoldville (04º22S:15º23E) sterile, July 21, 1944 (BR!); de Graer 297, Mongoli River, sterile, September 1, 1934 (BR!); de Graer 327, Doruma (04º43N:27º42E) sterile, October 26, 1924 (BR!); Dewevre 581, Fr., s.d. (BR!); Dewevre 986, Fimbo, sterile, s.d. (BR!); Evrard 4041, Ikelemba river, Befale (00º26N: 20º48E) sterile, May 7, 1958 (K!, BR!); Evrard 5511, Yalikungu (00º42N:22º35E) Fl., January 10, 1959 (K!, BR!); Evrard 5890, Equateur Province, Bomongo (01º22N:18º23E) Fr., March 11, 1959 (K!); Flamigny 6361, Fr., February 1943 (BR!); Gathy 1639, Kaniama (06º05S:22º20E) Fl., August 21, 1958 (BR!); Gerard 1432, Diagbe (04º19N:27º45E) Fr., July 24, 1954 (K!, BR!); Gilbert 2258, 100km from Abo (03º14N:30º10E) sterile, May 1939 (BR!); Gillet 1385, Kisantu (04º25S:14º42E) juvenile, 1900 (BR!); Gillet 2026, Lukamba (05º20S:19º14E) Fl. & Fr., 1903 (FI!, BR!); Gillet 3505, sterile, 1903 (BR!); Gutzwiller 539, Yangambi (00º45N:24º26) seedling, February 10, 1955 (BR!); Hendrickx 4157, Hombo (01º52S:28º27E) sterile, August 1946 (BR!); Herman 2138, Kaniama, Haut Lomami (06º05S:22º20E) Fl., March 1937 (BR!, WAG!); Hulstaert 1416, Bokela (01º07S:21º55E) seedling, s.d. (BR!); Hulstaert 1418, Bokela (01º07S:21º55E) Fr., s.d. (K!, BR!); Hulstaert 1421, Bokela (01º07S:21º55E) seedling, s.d. (BR!); Hulstaert 1614, Bokuma, seedling, July 16, 1953 (BR!); Hulstaert 1616, Bokuma, sterile, July 16, 1953 (BR!); Kitembo 60, Kalima, Kivu (02º31S:26º26E) sterile, February 1981 (BR!); Laurent 911, Eala (00º03N:18º18E) sterile, July 1, 1903 (BR!); Laurent s.n., Eala (00º03N:18º18E) Fl., July 15, 1903 (BR!); Laurent s.n., Eala (00º03N:18º18E) Fl., 1905 (K!, FHO!); Laurent s.n., Isaka (0º28S:23º50E) sterile, November 21, 1903 (BR!); Laurent s.n., Kasai (10º07S:22º20E) sterile, November 1895 (BR!); Lebrun 1508, Eala (00º03N:18º18E) Fl., December 1931 (BR!); Leclercq 736, Doruma (04º43N:27º42E) sterile, March 7, 1958 (BR!); Lejoly 566, Bawombi (00º42N:26º11E) seedling, November 17, 1976 (BR!); Leonard 932, Eala (00º03N:18º18E) Fl. & Fr., October 26, 1946 (K!, BR!, MO!); Leonard 933, Eala (00º03N:18º18E) Fl., October 26, 1946 (K!, BR!, WAG!); Leonard 936, Eala (00º03N:18º18E) sterile, October 30, 1946 (K!, BR!, WAG!); Leonard 1138, Oriental Province, Weko (01º13N:24º07E) Fr., March 1947 (K!, BR!, MO!); Liben 2603, Luisa Territory, Tomba (00º10N:19º18E) Fr., February 1957 (K!, BR!, WAG!); Liegeois 87, Oriental Province, Tshopo (10º12S:24º51E) sterile, July 1943 (BR!); Liegeois 87, Oriental Province, Tshopo (10º13S:24º50E) sterile, July, 1943 (K!); Lisowski 7160, Kouilou, Bena (02º34S:11º27E) sterile, October 8, 1990 (BR!); Louis 772, Yangambi (00º45N:24º26E) Fl., December 5, 1935 (BR!); Louis 847, Yangambi (00º45N:24º26E) Fl., December 17, 1935 (BR!); Louis 1970, Eala (00º03N:18º18E) Fl., May 30, 1936 (K!, BR!); Louis 3395, 6km W of Yangambi (00º45N:24º26E) Fr., March 3, 1937 (K!, BR!); Louis 3638, 25km NW of Yangambi (00º49N:24º12E) Fl., March 19, 1937 (BR!, WAG!); Louis 4218, Yangambi (00º45N:24º26E) seedling, June 22, 1937 (BR!); Louis 7671, Yambuya (01º15N:24º33E) Fr., January 24, 1938 (K!, BR!); Louis 8106, Yangambi (00º45N:24º26E) seedling, February 25, 1938 (BR!); Louis 9420, Yangambi (00º45N:24º26E) Fr., May 18, 1938 (K!, FHO!, BR!); Louis 9560, 20km W of Yangambi (00º49N:24º12E) Fr., May 30, 1938 (K!, BR!); Louis 9731, Yalibwa, river Lubuye (00º56N:24º30E) Fl., June 9, 1938 (BR!); Louis 11850, Yangambi (00º45N:24º26E) Fl. & Fr., October 18, 1938 (BR!, MO!, WAG); Louis 12106, 20km W of Yangambi (00º49N:24º12E) Fr., October 27, 1938 (K!, BR!); Louis 16775, Yangambi (00º45N:24º26E) Fr., November 17, 1943 (BR!); Louis 10045, Oriental Province, Yalibora, Fr., June 1938 (K!, BR!); Louis 218, Oriental Province, Yangambi (00º45N:24º26E) seedling, June 1937 (K!, FHO!, MO!); Luja 107, Gungu (05º45S:19º19E) seedling, November 18, 1898 (BR!); Luja 221, Kasai (10º07S:22º20E) sterile, March 11, 1899 (BR!); Luja 288, Lubué (04º08S:19º49E) juvenile, June 16, 1899 (BR!); Luja 297, Lubué (04º08S:19º49E) sterile, June 26, 1899 (BR!); Masens 451, Kikwit (05º02S:18º48E) juvenile, November, 21, 1990 (BR!); Mullenders 1166, Kaniama, Haut Lomami (06º05S:22º20E) sterile, September 1947 (BR!); Nannan 117, Bamania, Fr., August 29, 1914 (BR!); Nsola 621, Bikoro (00º44N:18º09E) Fr., May 31, 1984 (BR!); Pynaert 1676, Eala (00º03N:18º18E) Fr., 1907 (BR!); Robyns 4300, Kimengua, sterile, February 7, 1957 (BR!); Sapin s.n., Demba (04º27S:23º45E) Fl., December 1910 (BR!); Sapin s.n., Tshibangu (05º56S:20º54E) sterile, 1910 (FHO!); Schmitz 3710, Kanzenze (10º27S:27º11E) sterile, August 26, 1950 (BR!); Schouten 103, sterile, August 23, 1910 (BR!); Terashima 94, Nyamakombola (01º41S:28º09E) sterile, October 20, 1989 (BR!); Thiebaud 321, Katobo (00º57S:28º58E) Fl., January 1959 (BR!); Thonet 110, Lac Tumba (00º46S:20º06E) Fl., October 30, 1957 (K!, WAG!, BR!); Troupin 2658, Parc National de Garamba (04º10N:29º28E) sterile, May 21, 1952 (BR!); Troupin 9162, Kavumu-Walikele (01º28S:28º48E) Fl., September 11, 1958 (BR!); Vandenbrand 238, sterile, s.d. (BR!); Vanderyst 2781, Kikwit (05º02S:18º48E) sterile, January 1914 (BR!); Vanderyst 4906, Dumu (03º20N:18º18E) sterile, August 1914 (BR!); Vanderyst12664, Fl., November 1922 (BR!); Vanderyst 30729, Wula to Kipako, juvenile (May 1932) BR!; ANGOLA: Gossweiler 10087, Mayombe, Luali (05º00S:12º25E) Fl., 1923 (K!); Gossweiler 6645, Mayombe, Luali (05º00S:12º25E) Fl., 1923 (K!); Gossweiler 7844, Mayombe, Luali (05º00S:12º25E) sterile, 1919 (K!); Gossweiler 8129, Mayombe, Luali (05º00S:12º25E) sterile, January 5, 1919 (K!); UGANDA: Dawe 668, Semliki (00º45N:30º00E) sterile, October 31, 1905 (K!); Makombo et al. s.n., Semliki (00º45N:30º00E) sterile, October 24, 1998 (K!); BURUNDI: Lewalle 4016, Kigwena (04º10S:29º32E) sterile, November 9, 1969 (BR!); Lewalle 4414, Kigwena (04º10S:29º32E) Fl., February 1, 1970 (BR!); Reekmans 11180, Kigwena (04º10N:29º30E) Fr., May 13, 1982 (K!, MO!, BR!); TANZANIA: Bidgood & Vollesen 3040, Kigoma to Kasulu road (04º33S:29º52E) sterile, April 1, 1994 (K!); Bidgood et al. 2924, Kigoma: Kasye forest (04º47S:29º40E) sterile, March 23, 1994 (K!); Eggeling 6207, 30 miles S of Kibondo (03º34S:30º46E) sterile, July 1951 (K!); Proctor 470, Western Province, Mpanda (06º22S:31º03E) Fl., May 1956 (K!); Proctor369, Western Province, Mbuti River (04º53S:38º29E) sterile, February 1955 (K!) (T.C.H Sunderland, A taxonomic revision of the rattans of Africa (Arecaceae: Calamoideae) in Phytotaxa 51. 2012)A


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    B. World Checklist of Arecaceae