Butia paraguayensis (Barb.Rodr.) L.H.Bailey, Gentes Herb. 4: 47 (1936)

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Map uses TDWG level 3 distributions (http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted_sites/tdwg/geogrphy.html)
Argentina Northeastpresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Brazil Southpresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Brazil Southeastpresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Brazil West-Centralpresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Paraguaypresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Uruguaypresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B
Paraguay, Argentina (province of Corrientes) and Brazil (states of Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo, and Mato Grosso) in campos, cerrados and pastures. (S.F. Glassman, Re-evaluation of the Genus Butia With a Description of a New Species. 1979)A


Common Name


  • Acaulescent, or with trunk 1-2 m tall, 10-20 cm in diam.; sheathing base about 20 cm long, petiole 45-48 cm long, margins mostly with short spines interspersed with fibers; rachis of leaf 57-93 cm long; pinnae 40-42 on each side, regularly arranged, middle ones 45-55 cm long, 0.8-1.5 cm wide, mostly with acute, asymmetrical tips; expanded part of spathe 40-60 cm long, 4-8 cm wide, smooth or striate, brownish-pubescent at first, becoming glabrous with age; branched part of spadix 35-38 cm long, rachillae 38-43, each 20-23 em long; pistillate flowers ovoid, 10-16 mm long, 6-9 mm in diam.; lower staminate flowers 8-13 mm long, upper ones 4-7 mm long; mature fruit ovoid 3.0-3.7 cm long, 2.1-2.3 cm in diam., beak conspicuous, angled, persistent perianth 1.51.8 cm high, locules 1-3, mature seeds not seen. (S.F. Glassman, Re-evaluation of the Genus Butia With a Description of a New Species. 1979)A

Materials Examined

  • PARAGUAY. Cordillera de Altos, Hassler 896 (G, lectotype; K, NY, isolectotypes); Fiebrig 62 (G); Centurion, dry grassy area, Fiebrig 4097 (G, GH, K, M) ; without locality, in campos, Jorgensen & Hassler 4185 (A, C, F, NY, S). ARGENTINA. CORRIENTES: Dept. Mburucuya, Lorna Alta, T. M. Pedersen 3030 (G, GH, K, NY, S): Dept. Ituzaingo, 3 km W. of Virasoro, campestre, Maruñak 168 (F); Isla Apipe Grande, Puerto San Antonio, in palma yatay poñi, Krapovickas et al. 24195 (F); 45 km E. of Ituzaingo, campos altos, A. Schinini et al. 11255 (F): Dept. Capital, Arroyo Riachuelo, in lomadas arenosas, A. Schinini et al, 9460 (F). BRAZIL. SANTA CATARINA, 35 km N. of Itajai, orillas del mar, Krapovickas et al, 23078 (F); SAO PAULO, Moji-Guaçu, Fazenda Campininha, cerrado, Kuhlmann 3924 (SP) ; 4 km S. of Emas, cerrado, Glassman 8746, 8747 (CHI): Pirassununga, Emas, cerrado desprotegido, J. T. Costa 0178 (IPA); MATO GROSSO, 28 km S. of Sidrolandia, vic. of Fazenda Santa Luzia, pasture, associated with Syagrus graminifolia, browsed by cattle, Glassman 13095, 13096 (CHI). (S.F. Glassman, Re-evaluation of the Genus Butia With a Description of a New Species. 1979)A