Linospadix palmerianus (F.M.Bailey) Burret, Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin-Dahlem 12: 331 (1935)

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Map uses TDWG level 3 distributions (
Queenslandpresent (World Checklist of Arecaceae)B


  • In the protologue for this species, Bailey refers to the distribution of this species on Mt. Bartle Frere ". . . the base of the leading spur, at about 2 000 feet, and from that to the summit of the south peak, an altitude of over 5 000 feet." Of what were possibly many specimens collected from this area, at least two are extant: BRI [AQ75548] from Meston's Spur at high elevation and MEL [unnumbered] from "the base of the mountain" to quote Bailey's hand-written notes attached to this collection. The former is chosen here as the lectotype as it best represents the taxon as interpreted in this work. (J.L. Dowe, A Revision of Linospadix in Australia, with the Description of a New Species. 1997)A

Biology And Ecology



  • Clustering small palm. Stems 1-6, to 2 m tall, 8-20 mm diam.; internodes elongate, green; crown with 8-12 leaves. Leaves regularly segmented with united pinnae, most often with two segments either side of rachis, infrequently simply bifid, segments with broad bases, or regularly and finely pinnate; petiole 5.5-13 cm long; pinnae 2-24 per leaf, dull to semiglossy dark green above, lighter green below; midrib prominent on both surfaces, veins numerous and prominent on both surfaces, terminal pinnae broader than laterals; lamina, when backlit under 10X magnification, with numerous circular clear "cells" to 0.1 mm wide, linearly parallel to midrib and veins. Inflorescence to 60 cm long. Staminate flowers squatly bullet-shaped in bud, glabrous, to 3 X 2 mm; petals apically rounded, green at anthesis, not widely opening, deeply striated in the dried state; stamens 6-9; connective not extending beyond the anthers; anthers oblong. Fruit elongate/cylindricall, 0 -15 cm X 5-7 mm, yellow or red at maturity; epicarp smooth or with barely discernible rugose appearance. Seed elongate/ellipsoid. (J.L. Dowe, A Revision of Linospadix in Australia, with the Description of a New Species. 1997)A

Materials Examined

  • Representative Specimens. QUEENSLAND: Cook District. Mt. Bellenden Ker, ridge between cableway and north peak, l7˚I5'S, 145˚51'E, 1500 m alt., 3 Sep 1986, Clarkson 6569 (MBA, QRS); Mt. Bellenden-Ker, I7˚16"S, 145˚52'E, 1500 m, 20 Dec 1994, Gray 5873 (QRS): Summit of Bellenden-Ker, Centre Peak, l4O0 m, undated Webb & Tracey 13688 (QRS); Mt. Bartle Frere, from the base of the mountain, undated (1889?), Bailey s.z. (MEL); Mt. Bartle Frere summit walking track, 17˚22'S, 145˚45'E, 750 m alt., 15 Feb 1996, Dowe 0276 (BRI, FTG); 25 Aug 1996, Dowe 0370 & Smith (BRI); Boonjee, SFR 755, l7˚30'S, 1I45˚40'E, 680 m, 8 Jul 1971, Dockrill 189 (QRS). (J.L. Dowe, A Revision of Linospadix in Australia, with the Description of a New Species. 1997)A