Bactris hatschbachii Noblick ex A.J.Hend., Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 79: 87 (2000)

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Brazil (Paraná, São Paulo); lowland rain forest at low elevations. (Henderson, A.J., Bactris (Palmae) in Flora Neotropica Monographs 79. 2000)A


  • Bactris hatschbachii is diagnosed by the bulbousbased spines of its fruits, resembling those on the peduncular bracts of Desmoncus. This species is named for Gert Hatschbach, who collected several of the specimens examined. (Henderson, A.J., Bactris (Palmae) in Flora Neotropica Monographs 79. 2000)A

Common Name

  • Brazil: brejauva-mirim. (Flora 25(Beibl. 2): 16 (1842))B


  • Stems cespitose and forming large clumps, 2.5-5m tall, 2.5- 5 cm diam., spiny on internodes.
    Leaves number unknown; leaf spines somewhat clustered, black, terete, to 4 cm long, on lateral surfaces of sheath and petiole, fewer on abaxial surface of rachis; sheath to 40 cm long; oerea not seen; petiole to 16 cm long; rachis to 1.6 m long; pinnae numerous, irregularly arranged, spreading in more or less the same plane, linear, spinulose along the margins, whitish tomentose and setose abaxially; middle pinnae to 50 x 2 cm.
    Inflorescences interfoliar; peduncle to 20 cm long, recurved, sparsely spiny; prophyll 15- 17 cm long; peduncular bract 25-30 cm long, densely covered with appressed, black spines to 1 cm long; rachis 2 cm long; rachillae ca. 14, to 8 cm long; Triads irregularly arranged among paired or solitary staminate flowers; staminate flowers not seen; pistillate flowers to 6 mm long; calyx copular, 3 mm long; corolla tubular, 6 mm long, spinulose; staminodes 6, linear, or absent; fruits ca. 2 cm diam., depressed-globose, purple-black, densely covered with 1.5 mm long, curved. Bulbousbased spines, these whitish at the base and black at the tip; mesocarp not seen; endocarp depressed-globose,the sterile pores slightly displaced longitudinally; fruiting perianth with minute calyx and spinulose, lobed corolla, without staminodial ring. (Henderson, A.J., Bactris (Palmae) in Flora Neotropica Monographs 79. 2000)A

Materials Examined

  • BRAZIL. PARANÁ: Mun. Guaraquecaba , Serrinha, 2 Jun 1967, Hatschbach 16509 (F. US); Mun. Antonina Pinheirinho, 29 Nov 1983, Hatschbach 47145 (MBM).
    SAO PAULO: Periube, Estacão Ecológia Juréia-Itatins. 23 Jun 1994. Melo et al. 1091 (SP). 29 Jul 1992, Rossi et al. 1065 (SP); Sete Barras, Fazenda lntervales. Saibadela, 6 Ju1 1992, Pardini et al. 77 (SPF, NY) (Henderson, A.J., Bactris (Palmae) in Flora Neotropica Monographs 79. 2000)A


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