Calamus amplijugus J.Dransf., Kew Bull. 36: 787 (1982)

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Known from a few collections. Elsewhere in Sarawak and Sabah, possibly also in Sumatra. (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A


  • C. amplijugus can be found in lowland dipterocarp forest in valley bottoms and hill slopes up to 700 m altitude. It may be distinguished by its usually moderate size, the ± regularly arranged usually bullate leaflets which are conspicuously 3-nerved and by the relatively very long rachillae. It is a most beautiful species. (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A


  • Broad leaflets (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A


  • As for C. javensis. (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A


  • Slender to moderate clustering rattan climbing to 20 m; stem without sheaths to 10 mm diam., with sheaths to 13 mm or more diam., internodes to 25 cm long. Sheaths dull green with scattered deciduous brown scales, unarmed or, more usually, rather densely armed with horizontal pale green spines 5-18 mm long with hairy margins when young; knee conspicuous; ocrea to 10 mm. Flagellum to 2 m. Leaf ecirrate, to 65 cm; petiole absent; leaflets sub-regular to regular, to 10 on each side of the rachis, broad, spathulate, undulate and often bullate, very conspicuously 3-nerved, the lowermost 2 leaflets on each side swept back across the stem; mid leaf leaflets to 24 × 7 cm, apical pair joined for c. 2/3 their length; young leaves tinged pink. Inflorescences to 2 m long with 6 or more partial inflorescences in the male, c. 3 in the female; rachillae 12-22 cm long, rather distant, bright crimson, bearing rather distant flowers. Mature fruit rounded, c. 9 mm diam., with a beak to 1 × 1 mm and covered in 21 vertical rows of narrowly pointed ivorycoloured scales with dark brown tips and margins. Seed c. 6 × 5 × 4 mm, with shallow depressions; endosperm homogeneous. Seedling leaf with 4 broad leaflets. (Fig. 58). (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A

Materials Examined

  • BEL: Labi, Dransfield J. 6544; Labi, Dransfield J. 6548. TEM: Amo, Stockdale 47; Amo, Stockdale 49; Amo, Kuala Belalong, Stockdale 38. Without prov.: BRUN 15124. (Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam)A


    A. Dransfield, J. 1997: The Rattans of Brunei Darussalam