Calamus pygmaeus Becc., Malesia 3: 8 (1886)

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Known with certainty only from the summit of G Matang (G Serapi) near Kuching; sterile plants observed on G Gading may also belong here. Endemic. (Dransfield, J. 1992: The Rattans of Sarawak)A


  • C. pygmaeus is abundant in ridge top forest at altitudes of 700 - 800 m above sea level, where it forms great patches in the forest undergrowth. It and a form of C. nematospadix from G Gaharu are the only species in which the inflorescence produces young plantlets at its tip as a regular feature. (Dransfield, J. 1992: The Rattans of Sarawak)A


  • Pertaining to the Pygmies, i.e. very small (Dransfield, J. 1992: The Rattans of Sarawak)A

Common Name

  • wi anak (Ib.) (Dransfield, J. 1992: The Rattans of Sarawak)A


  • None known. (Dransfield, J. 1992: The Rattans of Sarawak)A


  • Slender dwarf clustering rattan to c. 30 cm tall, spreading by new plantlets borne at the tips of the inflorescences', stem without sheaths c. 6 mm diam., with sheaths to 10 mm diam., internodes c. 5 cm long. Sheath dull brown, bearing rather few groups of horizontal or slightly reflexed triangular spines to 6 mm and abundant brown indumentum between the spines; knee absent; ocrea short, membranous, soon tattering. Flagellum, as distinct from inflorescences, absent. Leaf ecirrate to c. 75 cm long including the petiole 15 - 30 cm; petiole armed with whorls of horizontal spines near the base, unarmed distally; rachis unarmed (?always); leaflets 20 - 30 on each side of the rachis, regularly arranged, the largest to 15 x 1 cm, armed with short bristles on the upper surface, ± unarmed beneath. Inflorescences very slender, whip-like, to 2 m long, rooting at their tips and developing into new plantlets; partial inflorescences up to c. 5, distant, very sparsely branched and few-flowered, rarely exceeding 2.5 cm. Mature fruit ± rounded, c. 7.5 mm diam., with a short beak, and covered in 14 vertical rows of straw-coloured, brown margined scales. Seed slightly flattened and irregularly shallowly pitted, c. 5mm diam.; endosperm homogeneous. Seedling leaf not known (Fig. 88). (Dransfield, J. 1992: The Rattans of Sarawak)A


    A. Dransfield, J. 1992: The Rattans of Sarawak