Chamaedorea plumosa Hodel, Principes 36: 197 (1992)

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Map uses TDWG level 3 distributions (
Mexico Southeast present (World Checklist of Arecaceae)A


  • C. pedunculata is similar to and perhaps not distinct from C. macrospadix but the longlanceolate pinnae and ovoid staminate flowers distinguish the latter species. Not cultivated and collected only at the type locality, C. pedunculata is uncommon in forest remnants near Jardin Botanico Robert y Catherine Wilson where it grows with C. pinnatifrons, C. crucensis, and C. brachyclada.

Biology And Ecology

  • Dense, wet forest on the Pacific slope; 1,000 m elevation.


  • From the Latin pedunculatus meaning provided with a peduncle, in reference to the long, conspicuous peduncle.


  • Habit: solitary, erect or decumbent, to 2-3 m tall. Stem: 2.5 cm diam., green, ringed, internodes 7.5 cm long. Leaves: 4-6, erect-spreading, pinnate; sheath 25 cm long, splitting opposite petiole and obliquely long-open, clasping tightly only in basal 1/2; petiole 30-35 cm long, slightly grooved and green above, rounded and pale-banded below; rachis 1 m long, slender and attenuate apically, sharply angled and green above, rounded and green below; pinnae 7-8 on each side of rachis, lower middle the largest, these to 35-37 x 12-13 cm, becoming progressively smaller toward apex of rachis, broadly rhombic-lanceolate, regularly arranged, opposite or subopposite, slightly sigmoid, ± downward-cupped, long-acuminate with drooping tips, narrowly contracted basally with 8-10 nerves, these not very prominent above, more prominent with an equal number ofsecondary nerves below. Inflorescences: interfoliar, erect, becoming spreading in flower or fruit, long-pedunculate; peduncle to I m long or slightly more, 2-2.5 cm wide at base, 1 cm wide at apex, green or pale in flower, orange in fruit; bracts 7-8, tightly sheathing, obliquely open apically, drying brown by anthesis; rachises 6-10 cm long, green in flower, red-orange in fruit. Staminate with 20 rachillae, these to 30 cm long, slender, pendulous, green. Pistillate with 12-15 rachillae, these to 20-25 cm long, spreading, greenish yellow in flower, red-orange in fruit. Flowers: Staminate in fairly dense spirals but not contiguous in bud, 3 x 2.5 mm, depressed-diamond-shaped, greenish yellow; calyx low, green; petals valvate, connate apically and basally and apically adnate to pistillode and corolla opening by lateral slits, longitudinally striate-nerved. Pistillate not seen. Fruits: 7-8 mm diam., obovoid-g1obose, black.


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