Prestoea tenuiramosa (Dammer) H.E.Moore, Gentes Herb. 9: 286 (1963)

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Guayana Highland (tepuls) of Venezuela (Amazonas, Bolivar) and adjacent Guyana and Brazil (Amazonas). cloud forest at 1200-2000 m. (Gloria Galeano & A. Henderson: Flora Neotropica, Monograph 72)A

Common Name

  • Guyana: manicole palm; Venezuela: manacachilla. (Gloria Galeano & A. Henderson: Flora Neotropica, Monograph 72)A


  • Stem solitary or cespitose, erect, 4-10 m tall , 8- 20 cm diam.
    Leaves 7-15; sheath open and not forming a crownshaft or forming an indistinct crownshaft, persistent, ca. 50 cm long, reddish brown or maroonpurple, with scattered, appressed, brown scales, fibrous at the margins distally; petiole 20-40 cm long, covered with apressed, brown or white scales; rachis to 1.8 m long, with scales like those of petiole; pinnae 38-45 per side, regularly spaced and spreading horizontally in the same plane, subopposite or alternate, linear- lanceolate, long-acuminate, strongly plicate, punctate on abaxial surface, with prominent midvein and several lateral veins. Abaxial surface of veins with prominent, scattered, brown ramenta especially on midvein; basal pinna 27-37 x 0.2-0.8 cm; middle pinnae 43-65 x 2.5-3 cm; apical pinna 18-22 x 0.8- 1.5 cm.
    Inflorescences infrafoliar or interfoliar, corymbose; peduncle 26-30 cm long, 1 cm diam., ± terete; prophyll to 35 cm long, 4-5 cm diam.; peduncular bract to 97 cm long, ca. 3 cm diam.; rachis 33-36 cm long; rachillae ca. 40, 40-48 cm long proximally, 18-20 cm long distally, 2-3 mm diam., sparsely to densely covered with short, irregular, branched, brownish, crustose hairs; flowers in triads almost to apices of rachillae; triad bracteole small; first flower bracteole very small, rounded, second and third flower bracteoles scarcely apiculate, rounded, 0.5 mm high; staminate flowers 3.5-4 mm long, sessile; sepals deltate, 1-1.5 mm long, gibbous; petals ovate-lanceolate, 3.5-4 mm long; stamens arranged on a short receptacle; filaments 1-2 mm long, flattened; anthers 2- 2.5 mm long; pistillode 1- 1.5 mm long, trifid at the apex; pistillate flowers 2-3 mm long; sepals very widely ovate, 2 mm long; petals very widely ovate, 2 mm long; staminodes digitate.
    Fruits globose, 1-1.2 cm diam. , the stigmatic remains lateral; epicarp purple-black; seeds globose; endosperm deeply ruminate; eophyll not seen. (Gloria Galeano & A. Henderson: Flora Neotropica, Monograph 72)A

Materials Examined

  • VENEZUELA. AMAZONAS: Cerro de la Neblina, Camp VII, NE of Pico Phelps (Neblina), 00°50'N, 65°58'W, 1800 m, 1 Feb 1985, Nee 30705 (BH, MO, NY).
    BOLIVAR: Ptari-tepuí, camp below S face of mountain, 1600-2000 m, 14-19 Aug 1970, Moore et al. 9717 (BH, NY); Cerro Venamo, SW part nr. border wilh Guyana, 1220-1275 m, 6-7 Jan 1964, Steyermark 92745 (BH, NY); drainage of Río Cuyuní, 140 km S of El Dorado, 1300-1380 m, 22-28 Dec 1970 Steyermark et al. 104343 (BH, MO, NY); drainage of Río Cuyuní, beside Huaca-waku, km 139 S of El Dorado, 1300-1380 m, 23-24 Dec 1970, Steyermark el al. 104382 (BH, MO, NY).
    GUYANA. Ayanganna slope. 4 Mar 1960. Forest Department 7949 (NY); Cuyuni- Mazaruni Region, 2- 5 km NW of Roraima, 05°15'N, 60°35'W, 1500-2000 m, 24 Feb 1989, W Hahn & Gopaul 5500 (K, NY) BRAZIL.
    AMAZONAS: Cordilhcira Pacaraima, camp at BV9, 1200 m, 18 Sep 1979, Rosa & Nascimento s.n. (MG). (Gloria Galeano & A. Henderson: Flora Neotropica, Monograph 72)A


    A. Gloria Galeano & A. Henderson: Flora Neotropica, Monograph 72