Attalea plowmanii (Glassman) Zona, Palms 46: 133 (2002)

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  • Attalea plowmanii (Glassman) Zona: Attalea plowmanii (Glassman) Zona Español: Shapaja Usos: Construcción — Las hojas se utilizan en los techos de viviendas permanentes y temporales. Alimenticio — Los frutos son comestibles; ocasionalmente el palmito es colectado y consumido. Comunidad: 1, 4, 6–9, 12–16, 18–26, 29. Voucher: sin muestra colectada. (Balslev, H., C. Grandez, et al. 2008: Useful palms (Arecaceae) near Iquitos, Peruvian Amazon)
    Use CategoryUse Sub CategoryPlant PartHuman GroupEthnic GroupCountry
    ConstructionThatchEntire leafNot identifiedN/APeru
    Human FoodFoodFruitsNot identifiedN/APeru
    Human FoodFoodPalm heartNot identifiedN/APeru
  • Scheelea plowmanii Glassman: Raw seeds. (Vasquez, R., and A.H. Gentry 1989: Use and misuse of forest-harvested fruits in the Iquitos area (as Scheelea plowmanii Glassman))
  • Scheelea plowmanii Glassman: Roof-trees. (…). Leaves from the three palm species Phytelephas macrocarpa, Scheelea cephalotes and S. plowmanii were applied for the roof-tree (Table 3). The most common species used in flood plain communities was S. cephalotes, while S. plowmanii was more frecuently used in the terra firme communities. (Stagegaard, J., M. Sørensen, and L.P. Kvist 2002: Estimations of the importance of plant resources extracted by inhabitants of the Peruvian Amazon flood plains (as Scheelea plowmanii Glassman))